The company which gives you higher salary is a good company.

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    Not necessarily, many people will prefer lower salary but more benifits and a more welcoming workplace, rather than higher salary with dogshit conditions and people.
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    I have grown wary of companies that offer higher salaries than average. In my personal experience, and through some hearsay, I sadly have to regard it as a red flag that there’s something not quite right in there. Maybe they squeeze you and push you to the brink of burnout, maybe there’s something else that makes it a horrible place to work at. Or its just a sign of financial unsustainability. I wish this wasn’t so.
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    The company thay pays you higher salary is one or more of:

    - a fintech company
    - has a tax-efficient IP-ruling
    - desperate to get your profile
    - has a lot of legacy shit
    - overestimates your market value
    - actually recognizes your market value
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    Definitely not always true.
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