Childhood dream came true!

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    Aye man! You just triggered my nostalgia.

    Sony's Walkman series was surely a dream.
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    😢the best phone I ever had.
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    I had a similar phone with QuadraPop, didn't realize it was a clone of Puyo Pop until Puyo Puyo Tetris came out on the Nintendo Switch.
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    Looks pretty tight for housing a compact casette player and i don't remember them having a screen...
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    It was called the Sony Ericsson W800 "Walkman".

    "Walkman" was the branding Sony used for multiple media players through the 90s and 00s, there was a DAT walkman, a Minidisc walkman, a CD Walkman, a Network Walkman (Mp3/AAC iPod competitor), etc.

    The W800 was one of the more popular collaborations between Sony & Ericsson.

    It was a very capable Mp3-player-phone with 2GB storage, and a really good photo & video camera (for the time).

    2GB wasn't a lot to compete with the 10/20GB iPods of the time, but it launched a few years before smartphones really took off.

    Having a good camera, mp3 player and phone all in one device was quite amazing.
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    @Oktokolo Although wait I think that's actually not the W800... looks like the W950 I think
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    @bittersweet I had w950i

    I absolutely loved the shake feature and was baffled at how Sony implemented it back then when technology was still in its infant stage.
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    @bittersweet it’s w950i
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