Why does everything about Android have to be this verbose, convoluted and complicated?

Why are there no simple solutions to most problems? I have worked with Flutter and Go and none of these have the same level of complexity as Android.

It’s almost as if the Android team lists out the possible solutions to a problem and intentionally pick the hardest and difficult to understand.

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    Google likes to make things complicated, for no good reason. Just because they can.
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    @magicMirror True. Just look at Angular. I started my webdev with Angular & man! I was terrified of webdev for almost 2 years :/
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    I find Flutter (for Android) pretty verbose as well, is Android making everything it touches more complicated?
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    Everything google designs is shit. The only thing they ever had going for them is their search engine, and even that is becoming shit nowadays due to their blatant cherry picking of results.
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    Also java is a disgusting language. Don’t @ me.
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