Just a rant... It really sucks to work with maven on a security-paranoid financial institution enforcing ntml proxy auth...

Also usb ports disabled... :(

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    Welcome to DevRant!
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    They have an internal repo? with most of the packages? ... i work for one too, had to change the configs to point to it instead of maven central.

    You could also just download the jars and reference them in the POM.
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    @billgates Noupe! basically a microsoft shop, they love VS, so no internal repos to work with, also our internet access is quite limited...
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    @jvillavi I wish mine's was a MSFT shop... my last team was C# but now Java and MEAN....

    But what I was talking about was something like this:

    Download JARS: https://mvnrepository.com/
    PPOM Config: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/...
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    @billgates thanks, will give a try
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    It fuckin sucks​ to work *with anything* in such an environment! Had bunch of clients like that. More time was spent fighting the hurdles they put in place then doing anything else. Hated it.
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