During a company wide status meeting where all product managers, architects and directors assemble:

Me: *A product architect leading a team of devs*

Directors: So are there any issues or risks you see in delivering the next build in target time for Client 1?

Me: There are too many changes in feature requirements. First they said we can use a shared NFS for storage. Now they are asking to switch over to SFTP pull mode.. blah blah..

Directors: Oh I see.. well we can support both solutions then.

Me: But the deadlin..

Directors: *ignores what I say* Will be a good marketing point for future.

Me: But there are too many regressions in integra..

Directors: *ignores what I say* We should also meet deadlines. That is the most important thing.

Me: Its not as easy as 1+1=2.. The team needs more time to..

Directors: *ignores what I say* Ok lets move on to the next point. What about Client 2?


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    You: I feel you aren't listening to me right now, are you going to let me finish?

    Director: *glares*


    Director: well what d--

    You: are you going to let me finish, yes or no?

    Director: .....

    You: I have no problem if you want to take over the technical aspects of this project, please if YOU think YOU can do a better job of it I have three weeks of vacation time that needs to be used before the end of the month.


    Sure you might lose your job, but let's be honest, after such disrespect do you want to continue working there?
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    That sounds like a terrible place to work.
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    Perfect theme song for whenever the difficult opens his month. He can be fine replaced by the lyrics
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