Dear router

It was nice having you in my house, but it's come to the point where our ways part. I must go on and you must be recycled. You've served me well all those 7 years, my friend.

It's not me, it's you. You've grown old and unreliable. Your capacitors must have dried out and can no longer serve reliable wifi connections. I keep on getting lost ICMP packets and connection outages altogether. While these things could happen to any router, definitely not every router has a 13-16 second long wifi outage every minute. I cannot have 2 peoples' work depend on a wifi connection where a ping to a LAN IP takes 58204ms. I just.. can't. You've become a liability to my family.

I'm pissed, because I cannot afford video calls with my colleagues.
I'm pissed, because my wife spends good 5 minutes every call asking "can you hear me? how about now?" and repeating herself over and over.
I'm pissed, because I can no longer watch Netflix or listen to YT Music uninterrupted by network outages.
I'm pissed, because my Cinnamon plugins freeze my UI, waiting for network response
But most of all I'm pissed, because I was disconnected from BeatSaber multiplayer server when I scored a Full Combo in Expert "Camellia: Ghost" - right before I got a chance to see my score.

I gave you 2 second chances by factory-resetting you. I admit you got better. And then got back to terrible again.

I can no longer rely on you. It's time to say our goodbies and part our ways.

P.S. as a proof of your unreliability I'm attaching outputs of ping to a LAN IP and pingloss to the same IP (pingloss: https://gitlab.com/-/snippets/...)

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    Rest in pieces. You're lucky to get 7 years out of consumer equipment.

    For your next router I'd recommend a custom build and use pfsense or opnsense
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    @lungdart I have a custom-built one running alongside. Based on LinuxMint. Serves me as a multipurpose hub.

    ref: https://devrant.com/rants/2431594/...

    It's the only reason I could afford to give the Linksys second and third chances :)

    One caveat though.. The custom one stops broadcasting after a few days. No errors in hostapd -d logs - everything seems OK. Except the AP is no longer broadcasting and it disconnects from all the stations. Haven't figured that one out yet... so far I've found reboot to be the only fix. If I decide to stay with the custom one only, I'll have to debug the shit out of this problem.
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    @netikras wow I've a linksys router that's crapping out on me right now! It goes like 5 mins of normal function and then completely dies on me and I get patches of complete packet loss every 10 seconds. Glad you got something better :D
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