However pathetic it may sound, I haven't. I've made good acquaitances, yes. But friends...

Last I had friends was in my first uni years. Long, long ago. After that - they went on their path and I - on mine. Work, family, personal projects and sometimes moto rides - that's my life now. Not really much time for friends. Not really much time to make any. Not enough time in a day to think/worry about it, not to mention reconsider my priorities/choices.

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    Same here.

    I'm old enough to remember real friends. People you could consider family.

    These days to be a "friend" is cheap and watered down.

    I don't need that.

    Last time I had friends was 20 years ago. I moved away after highschool, never had friends since.
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    Just noticed this week's prompt. I guess it's gonna be a depressing thread.
    I can relate.
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    Same for me, I can totally relate. 30 years ago, I had some great friends at uni, I have kept in touch, but we've all gone separate ways, with families etc.

    Since then I've worked in a number of companies as a contractor, made some really good acquaintances, but not lasting friends.

    Similarly, when my son was younger, again made some good acquaintances amongst other parents, but not sure how lasting they'll be once the kids grow.

    It doesn't worry me too much, I've got a few plans for when he moves out, ideas for hobbies, maybe move abroad to work somewhere warmer as I get older.
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    Isn't your family your friends?
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    we live in a world of 7,000,000,000 people where almost each person feels alone, isn't this weird?

    We are all alone in this big crowd
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