It sucks when a better company offers you a better role once you are signed a contract in lower company.

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    Absolutely! What are you going to do now?
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    @asgs can not end the contract unless they fire meπŸ˜’
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    Why not?
    There's always a probation period, designed exactly for this... well more so the company can flog you off on a moments notice, but it works both ways.
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    @C0D4 do you mean I could leave if I am on probation period even of I have a contract of 2yrs?
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    @qviper read the fine print and depending on local laws, yes.
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    @qviper yup. The probation period goes usually both ways. You are probabated by company, and you are probabating the company
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    @qviper yes, thats how probation works, no commitment from either side till its over

    kind of like the first few dates in a relationship, no hard feelings if u bail until you have sex that was amazing for at least one of u
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    shut up, you can quit dude
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    On my country you have a probation time where you can both be fired or quit with no costs to both sides.
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    Also don't make the same mistake I did... Fuck the bad company, join the better one
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