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    Obviously, I won't take part in Suckerberg's latest mass surveillance bullshit, given that I havn't been taking part in his previous bullshit, either. There's nothing of value there.
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    Wait what xD
    What's this in reference to?

    Edit: I should not comment right after waking up, probably the Apple stuff.
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    @RememberMe it's not apple. It's like you two are really the only source for me to read something about programming on devRant that I don't know.

    Also, Root of course, but they're not about programming. Also, SortOfTested, but not anymore as they quit devRant
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    @kiki you can always up and quit
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    I like okto sitting in the background too 🤣
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    @EpicofGilgamesh they can never down and join 🥴
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    @root left?

    Edit: misunderstood. Nice
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    Why is okto wearing a Russian army helmet?
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    I haven’t been ranting much.
    Too mentally unwell.

    Haven’t been doing as much development work lately, either, and for the same reason. (And the dev work I have been doing isn’t particularly interesting.)
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    Well... If this was only for professional devs I couldn't be here :p I hope you get well soon and relax...
    Want a joint?
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    @GyroGearloose Oh god yes, please.
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