Submitted a ticket to the 3rd party IT provider today. Just like they always do they close the ticket instantly saying they did the work when they didn’t do anything.

Except this time they went one step further. They documented that they had a conversation with me and that they convinced me that I didn’t need the work done.

No such conversation occurred. I have not changed my mind nor have been given any reason to. They just want their ticket times to appear as fast as possible and are willing to lie through their teeth to achieve that.

Prepare for a shit storm motherfuckers.

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    Do you sometimes wonder if problematic people surround you, or you attract them?

    How is this "service" they provide any actual value? They should be fired. Fire their asses!
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    @Demolishun Company signed a 5 year contract with them that contains no concrete deliverables and a giant poison pill clause if we cancel. Geniuses. They won’t do anything because there is no obligation to. In fact it’s more profitable for them to have their contract cancelled since there is a giant payout in that case.
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