Postman freaking sucks now. It's bloated and can't easily do what's it's supposed to do without hassle. You have to login first, then it will inexplicably lose all your previous API requests.
I guess the company has forgotten who their base customers are.

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    All hail editor plugins (hello REST Client for VSC). Sometimes they are way more productive to work with than certain GUIs and command line applications, and even (!) provide better standards.
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    @vintprox I prefer and use rest client too, there's the thunder client extension that everyone including this James Q quick youtuber talks about but It is not as simplistic as rest client. just straight to the point
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    @ilechuks73 RIGHT! I just remembered that I watched his video and liked it. Thank you for reminding 😄 Will definitely recommend Thunder Client to my students.
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    I wholeheartedly agree, for most things Postman is so damn bloated
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    I'm going to save you from a world of pain.


    You can thank me later.
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    Rant less and export your collections and environments more often dude
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