"Windows is shit because it is non-free"
Says the Apple user

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    And the apple user will "hey recent updates were free "
    I'm win 7 btw don't judge me
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    @sam9669 I'm judging. Especially when you can make win 10 look exactly like win 7.
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    Eh Microsoft is the new winrar "You got a pirated copy running? It's cool keep using it, I'll just remind you "
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    Well technically the core of the system is open source
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    The kernel yes (which is BSD-based), but almost nothing else.
    Does'nt change the fact thou.
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    @Linux go to opensource.apple.com and see for yourself
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    I know, I didnt argue against you.
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    @sam9669 Hey, I have a Win7, a Ubuntu and a VM with MacOS because I'm like "Win10? How about no?".

    If you wonder -> I have a VM MacOS because I had to do an iOS app for school, and well the VM was a good one so I kept it, who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @DodgerAkame same
    Win 7 -> kali vm in win 7 -> mac os sierra vm inside kali vm
    (Wanna be hacker XD)
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    @sam9669 Jesus Christ, this is pretty dirty.
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    Windows is slow, I'm going to by a mac (300$ pc with hdd vs 1k$+ mac with ssd)

    Windows laptop touchpad/materials/design/weight/size/display sucks, I'm going to by a mac
    (300$ pc vs 1k$+ mac)

    Windows crash, I'm going to by a mac
    (300$ pc with shitty drivers and bloatware vs 1k$+ mac os that runs on few different hw configurations)

    windows 2in1 devices (mac user: we don`t need it)
    ipad pro (mac suer: wow that`s amazing you can even draw with the pencil on the screen)
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    @OfficerHalf But you can make win 7 look like win 10.
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    @justJ well okay, but you lose all the actual improvements they've made, and since they aren't even supporting kaby lake, good luck.
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    What has this community become?
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    @OfficerHalf I said look not work. 😂
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    @thaon A salty bunch of pedants.
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    @DodgerAkame WHY use a 10 year old OS.............
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    Why use a ten year old car?
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    @Linux because I like rusting cars ?
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    Correct, or you just like that car
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    @Linux I think you would agree with the statement that computer technology is growing a slight bit faster than the car industry, even with Elon Musk (sorry Elon).
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    I hate it when people misuses the word free software.
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