I recently moved to a house where my gf and me each have our separate office space. However, i’m sitting with my back to the door so whenever i’m in the zone with noise cancelling on and my gf walks in i don’t hear her. Resulting in me having a couple of almost heart attacks lately.

I have ideas about mirrors or sensors but since i’m working of three screens i din’t think it will do. The second option is ofcourse to move the desk to the other side of the room so that i’m facing the door more. But there are no power plugs.

My gf basically locks her door by sitting in front of it. Also she doesnt have a noise cancelling head set.

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    Time to buy an arduino and a lightbulb
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    Can you literally lock your door? 😅
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    Something like these could be a good compromise between solution, difficulty, and price, and will provide a lot of room for experimentation with regards to placement and angles: https://amazon.com/s/...
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    Buy a lamp style flashlight (something you can stick to the door or wall).
    Ask your girlfriend to light it up on entering.
    Plus: use colored plastic paper as a filter.

    Easy solution, 2 minutes install.

    Easyer but cheesier, ask her to turn the lights on and off on day time. Doesn't work well at night or without natural light cause it will still make you shit yourself.

    Other solution: if she has a smart watch or band use a old phone, connect it by Bluetooth and write a simple app to play a sound when it connects... Doesn't work as well since it will play the sound when she walks close.
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    how about a simple LED in the corner of one monitor, connected to a simple cirquit that gets closed when the door opens?

    what the hell, you might even make it a whole lightshow. still simple, no need for sensors or overcomplicated crap like that.
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    Thanks everyone for all geeky solutions. Unfortunately the local amazon doesnt sell the rear view mirrors. Also i wouldnt see it if im working on another screen then the one its attached on.

    The (flash) light suggestions are also worth trying.
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