Ruby is beautiful!

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    The mineral is pretty, the language is poop.

    *Hides from @root*
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    Ruby’s really one of those languages with tons of potential, but…

    it got userped by go

    But what really is Ruby’s weakness is that it is weakly typed. Most of what @Root at least at some point ranted about that was related to Ruby was really the fault of the lang’s lacking type system.
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    @100110111 I have seen far more ruby job postings than go.

    Also, those language popularity charts should be taken with a grain of salt.

    Ruby is a delight to develop and maintain, but it has terrible runtime efficiencies that make it slower than other languages.

    It's about using the right tool for the right job.

    Are you a startup and need an application with well defined model schema? Do you need the potential to integrate with millions of potential services? Ruby/Rails is your best choice.

    Are you a fortune 500 company that needs to build a new product to sell to your customers? You should probably use Java or .NET

    I kind of feel there's a language and framework collapse coming because there's just so many options these days.
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    @sariel I guess that would depend where you are. What I’ve witnessed is a steep decline in interest to Ruby, even in the gem community Go seems to be cannibalizing it.

    I’m not saying Ruby’s not a good language in it’s own right. On the contrary. If doing a job well wouldn’t take you to spec hell like with all dynamic langs, it wouldn’t be, as I see it, just missed potential.
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    Too tired to comment, but Ruby really is bliss.

    Not too tired to stab @bittersweet, though. 🗡😉
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    Be careful, the static typing zealots will come for you hehe
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    @Root I agree with @100110111 though. Poopy types. We need TypeRuby.
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    @bittersweet challenge accepted 🤔
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    @gcavalcante8808 Nah I'm to lazy to threaten anyone, I will just make up insulting jokes... But sadly the weak typing folks will never know how I truly feel about them because they can't unwrap my response monad.
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    @bittersweet I’m just joking, actually I love to work with python, rust and golang … but the static vs dynamic discussions always brings some heats and good laughs hehe
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    @gcavalcante8808 Yeah I've moved from C64Basic -> JS -> Haskell -> PHP -> Rust.

    It's all good.

    Still nice to poke fun.
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    @bittersweet *but ping him*

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