If you don't let the company enslave you then you're not a team player.

Also, you're definitely NOT flexible!

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    "but if you try to unionize you are commie hippies that know nothing of looking out for your own interests"
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    Society as a whole really should start admitting, that indeed humans aren't flexible in general - especially when they have local friends or even a family.

    It is okay to be a human. It is okay to not be flexible.
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    @Oktokolo "flexibility" is just a manipulative tactic used by managers into making you work more, making you feel guilty like you somehow owed your life to the company.
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    Just watched video about normie "team player" culture in Japan yesterday. In my opinion, it's even more fucked up than what we have in Russia (even though, as it happens usually, I shit on shortcomings of my homeland).
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    This “family” you keep going on about is almost as toxic as the one I disowned while growing up. Keep going. Keep telling me we’re a family and demanding I do unreasonable shit. See what happens.
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    Say that to my face! I want to ear you say this crap as I just drop to the floor doing a perfect split.

    Not flexible my ass, stupid manager.

    (While this is a joke, I really scared some coworkers who believed I was joking when I told them I could do a split.)

    But seriously… heard those words too much. Don’t let them sink, they are just trying to force you to do unwanted stuff.
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    My brain hurts for all the context switching I have to do in the name of fLeXiBIliTy: I have to keep jumping back and forth different lines of work (front end, backend, DevOps…) and projects multiple times a day everything in a crumbling infrastructure which makes it worse (if I want to give a quick look to the code of one of the hundreds of micro services we have I have to do it with a Git portal which is painfully slow and it may take minutes to reach the desired file).
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