Do you have a routine? I work from home everyday since quarantine and I don't think we are going back to the office.

I would like to be more productive, not in the sense of forcing myself to do more job and add more stress, no one is complaining about the time it takes me to finish tasks.

I'm looking for a way to scatter my working hours so I have chunks of focus and chunks of breaks in which I go out for a walk or something instead of a big chunk of focus mixed with distraction. I'm behaving as if it were a "9-5 job" when it is actually "8 hours per day" with flexible schedule.

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    Have you looked at the pomodoro technique?
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    Isn't a 9–5 job supposed to have breaks every now and then?
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    I've been doing it for a few months now, and my two cents:
    1) Find a way to access meetings in your phone, so you are not stuck to a desk while meetings are slugging on.
    2) Wear wireless earplugs or headphones, but ignore their horrible mics. Hands-free opens lots of possibilities.
    3) Get a nice microphone. I use a BM800 studio mic with Bluetooth. So even in noisy environments I'm HI-FI, baby!
    4) Do house chores and other mindless busywork while on stupid meetings and stuff.

    My results: I get to do a feminist-acceptable part of the house chores *and* watch the kids most of the afternoon while getting my coins.
    Had to move my deep-focus sessions to "oh-so-early in the morning", though.
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    @JsonBoa wireless headphones with good mics exist. The problem is that the bluetooth chip or drivers in laptops are crap. And many bt headsets are crap too, but often the headset works fine with your phone. Good headsets for computers tend to come with a dedicated USB dongle or station.
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    @electrineer makes sense. But would BT headphones work better with a dedicated non-crappy USB BT by dongle?
    Looking for a works-on-phones-and-laptops device here
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    @JsonBoa I've been wondering myself if there is such a magical dongle that would bring phone quality BT to PCs. Jabra ships MS Teams certified headphones with a dongle, in curious if that could be used with any BT headphones and if it would fix most problems. You can buy the dongle separately, but it's not cheap.
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    I've also been trying to find what exactly is the problem. I'm wondering if PC BT chips don't support the necessary profiles so they fall back to shitty ones. Headset functionality has historically been more important on phones than PCs, so it might make some sense.
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    @nibor Yes, I'm not looking for breaks, more like "I work 3hs when I wake up, 2hs after lunch and 2h before I go to sleep".
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