Which VR headset is best to develop applications for? HTC Vive or Oculus Quest 2?

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    Develop terminal applications for both
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    "applications"... We all k ow what you're up to ;)
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    @ScriptCoded obviously the quest is better for that. I know from…. What friends have said… yea…
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    Quest has more users 😊
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    The one that doesn't require facebook
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    I bought Quest 2 to develop VR whatever things, however, if I had the money I would’ve bought Valve Index.
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    Develop against an abstraction layer supporting both.

    You aren't thinking about developing for Logitech vs. Cherry, Soundblaster vs. Realtek, Samsung vs. Eizo, nVidia vs. ATI, Intel vs. AMD...
    So it really shouldn't be Facebook vs. HTC either.
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    Quest 2, mostly cause you might want to test sans PC.

    Also, if you develop on the road you won't need a VR ready PC.
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    @Oktokolo thanks soo much for the comment 🙏

    I will have to do research on how to check which headset is being used to automatically change the controller map.

    Do you know if it’s simple to convert PC applications into .apk files as Quest is technically an android device.

    If I create it in unity and change it to android won’t it cause issues in the code?
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    Sorry, i always avoided the mobile market.
    But Unity supports Android and the Quest can definitely be used as a PC peripheral too.
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