lol....To all our IT guys (and girls) out there ☺

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    While I do agree and support this, sometimes I have to do some non-PC related work and I run into some issue, so I call the IT to fix it while I'm off the PC.
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    Yaaaas! 🙌🙌 I don't miss doing IT support at all 😳
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    "Asking me to look at your personal PC"

    I'm the IT guy at a high school. We have a BYOD policy, so I'm fine with connecting staff and student's personal devices to the network, configuring proxy, mapping network drives and printers, etc.
    What I really hate is when people ask me if they can bring in their desktop PC from home to see what is wrong with it or when someone asks me if I can try to fix their son-in-law's iPhone that won't let them copy photos properly or something.

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    Aaah! My eyes!
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