I hate Internet Explorer, I hate Microsoft for developing it, I hate people using it and I hate companies forcing their employees to use it 😤

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    We built a recruitment website and it had some issues on IE 10, and the client said it's their ceo's primary browser and he doesn't like the site.

    My boss spoke to the client and said: as a recruitment company you really shouldn't be referring candidates that use IE as a main browser to your clients.

    Client stopped nagging about IE after that XD
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    Control yourself. Hate leads to anger, anger leads to suffering, suffering leads to Javascript development
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    @biskus I think you have that reversed.
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    Use linux
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    Companies forcing their employees to use it are the worst. All people I know that once used IE are now using Chrome - at least that's what we can control a bit :D
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    I know how you feeling, i wast hours (sometimes days...) developing some hack with for it with JavaScript (that for me is most buged languages i ever seen).
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