Boss: Google Excel sucks!
Me: You mean Google Sheets.
Boss: Whatever, there used to be formulas for the cells, just like offline Excel, but now it has some weird text like a web address...
Me: You're looking at the web address bar. Look down 20px and you have the cell formula.
Boss: Oh! Still, I don't like this Online Excel!

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    He probably thinks open office is a " chinese bootleg microsoft office"
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    wtf 😧
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    Atleast he knows what 20px are, I've met some lessor front end devs 😂.
    No but seriously, I'm sure he doesn't say the same about online outlook. And by that I don't mean 364.
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    I don't like google sheet too, I prefer to use excel or excel online tell your boss that exist Microsoft excel online, that's similar to the offline one and also free :)
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    @dontbeevil the Microsoft office online in the browser is clunky and slow.

    Google sheets rocks with multiple users simultaneously editing. It's great for teams and just getting something done rather than making a doc that take five minutes to load that multiple people can't access.
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    @dezzymei you can do exactly the same in the ms one...ah but it's from ms so it's bad, useless and not cool...lol
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    @dontbeevil no. We used it as a company and it was incredibly slow and painful to run and google drive was just seamless so we moved to that. Also cheaper.

    Everyone in the company agreed.

    But we are a "nimble startup".
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    Look down 20px ...
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    @dezzymei don't confuse, if you're talking about excel offline, it's paid and got co authoring only in latest updates... If you're talking of excel online It's free (so google cannot be cheaper) and already had co authoring and all the staff you use for a while, plus better compatibility with xls files
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    @dontbeevil excel online has co-authoring yes but google's co-authoring solutions are better imo.

    The problem with the ms software here is that it's supposed to work together, but for example OneDrive doesn't work that well so it ruins the general exerience. So ms gets a lot of hate for some software that's generally good but people tend to notice the things that are not working.
    (Just my 2 cents trying to justify the ms hate, though the offline office pack is awesome)
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    @Matthewb If the boss even knows what bootleg means lol
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