2022 Dev Goal: Find a way to retire early so I never have to build another website or write another line of code again. It’s been over 25 years and I’m just done and over it.

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    I've been hustling crypto on the side.

    Ended up gaining about $20k this year from shib alone.

    My goal is to take that and turn it into $200k by the end of 2022.

    Rinse and repeat until I have a couple million and I'll just retire.
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    @sariel I did all of that the traditional way. Crypto happened after I had built up the majority of my retirement. And crypto just seems impossible to me to understand or what to buy and when. By the time I figure one out, it already shot high and I lost my chance. Wish I had gotten into the early mining of it, but there wasn’t enough hype yet to put it on my radar. Any tips for someone late to the game?
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    @stackodev The best tip for anyone late to the game is to stay out of the game as with all Ponzi schemes. The second best is going short at the right moment.
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    @stackodev follow the trail of new blood and the trail of suckers. All crypto is a sham.

    Think of every crypto coin as a singular bank account. This account is shared among hundreds of thousands if not millions of users. If the currency is used as payments, every time someone pays for something, they're using YOUR money to buy it. This is because any big corp knows to convert the coinage back into legal tender or some stable coin.

    My advice, start small ($1-2k). Pick a couple low-value high volume cryptos and buy into them. Make sure your picks are trending on social media platforms like reddit/twitter and have at least had 5+ direct articles on financial sites like WSJ/Forbes in the last week.

    If you do that you will make gains. They can be as low as 0.25-1% but in some rare cases you can make 100-1000%+.

    Don't get greedy. Don't get cocky. If it's getting too hot for you, pull out. FOMO works in both directions.

    Good Luck!
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    its been barely 7 years and i feel the same way
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    @stackodev crypto is like any stock market or lottery, if you do not understand it, do not spend money you cannot loose.

    Consider any investment as gone until you manage to cash in.

    That way you can treat any losses as learning money and still not fear for the future.
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    I have been coding(professionally) for 16 years, I still love it, I do not know why people get tired of this?

    Is like an art that we improve and improve through years, anyways, hope your dreams come true
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    @arcioneo I agree, I have been doing it full time for ~23 years and on and off before that since 1987 and I am not tired of it.
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    @arcioneo it's the people you have to work with that get tiresome. I recently started questioning if it makes sense to keep learning given that anything I learn will be new to me and my colleagues, therefore won't be possible to make use of. For instance I read DDD years ago. Not once have I been able to make use of any of it even though it makes a lot of sense to me.
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    @Crost This. And the constant grind that commoditized programming has become. I’m nowhere near talented or smart enough to get into bleeding edge stuff, so I’m stuck doing website after website. It’s all becoming a meaningless, featureless blur. I want to become a writer.
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    @Crost Well, maybe trying to be more proactive on encouraging others to try it out, that could be the most difficult part, but I also believe is worth it.

    like, "- Hey remember @Crost?, - Oh yeah, that dude introduce the idea of DDD and we started using it, was freacking great"
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