31st December 2016, I had signed up for devRant.

It's my cake day today. Feels so good to be part of this community, have learned so much, made some of the greatest friends here.

2021 was a mind fuck. Taxing and draining. Very little growth and even less learnings.

I realised that I am in a toxic environment.

Lately, no philosophy, therapy, supplements, activity, work, etc. has been helping me to get back to my original self.

I used to spiral down with a lot of negative self talk and playing the victim card.

Just day before yesterday, I decided to listen to some affirmations on the Tube and that actually helped me bounce back.

I started socialising and stepping out to attend gigs and just be outdoors as much as I could.

My surroundings changed and so did my thought process.

Hence, I made a decision to continue affirmations and slowly change my surroundings, even if that demand domestic relocation.

Things are starting to look positive after a long, loooooong, time.

I also need more sun exposure for my vitamin D3 deficiency and steady dose of serotonin.

I feel lot clear in head and heart. My goals are clearer and I am ready to start working hard and be my original past self again.

I love you all and I really wish you all achive all your wishes and dreams, be happier and healthier in 2022 with ton of success and money.

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    Thank you @Floydimus
    Glad you join your better self again!
    Keep it going, cause we too love you ;)
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    Wishing You And Your Family A Very Happy Year 2022 :-)
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    Happy 5th birthday floydy.
    Does this mean we get a jumping castle this year? 🥳

    It's good to see your taking life by the horns and getting out and about, if COVID's taught me anything, life is to short to be staring at a wall and letting the world zoom by.
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    I really relate to this. I too have started to change my own thought process to be more positive.
    I'm now waiting on the good changes happening.
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    @scor We have interacted very little but I have always enjoyed our conversations. Thank you for being my friend.

    @asgs Wish you the same brother.

    @C0D4 Absolutely. Jumping castles are my favourite. Sadly we don't have those for adults.

    Not having much expectations from 2022. Just hope to survive the year.

    @vemedia Glad to hear that you are working towards a better life. I'd say don't wait and be the change you want to see in your life.
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    Man I needed to hear that. This is the new normal there is no longer a “when this is over”.
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