I learnt python so much
Now i try to finish my exams in one line


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    Then I doubt you've really learned Python anyway, idiomatically trying to keep code ridiculously terse is frowned upon.
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    @Indian-Masala because they called you on your shit? Hypocrite? Mmhhmm
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    Why so uptight mates :/
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    @Indian-Masala I'm not. But when you call someone pathetic for no reason then that's not right either
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    I enjoy writing one-liners for answers on exams and homework, when the question is intentionally malformed. If you assign me a task that I had to read 5 times to even understand what do you want from me and then even more time to figure out, that it's a trick question, you shouldn't expect me to write a sensibly documented, easy to read answer, right?
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