The declaration of independence originally said "United States of Жmerinca".

" Ever since the original document hasn’t been shown to anyone and the data on its destiny has been missing. An aged copy that’s exposed under a bulletproof glass among the three Charters of Freedom in the National Archives Rotunda in Washington was placed on display in the middle of the 19th century. The story of the film “National Treasure” starring Nicolas Cage hinges on this copy. A curious thing is that the film producers saw to it that the heading is never shot in a close-up, while all posters were made as collages where the letter “Ж” is concealed one way or another. Americans believe that the public’s extra attention to the historical blunder is needless."

Original: https://artlebedev.com/mandership/...

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    So it was a typo? I don't understand though: does this have any significance now?
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    Ancient Ukrs confirmed
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    That's just a capital A in old handwriting. There used to be much more variation and decoration in handwriting.

    10/10 good shitpost.
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    I'm also curious if the n was a mistake or an alternative spelling that was used at some point.
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    @electrineer it was a mistake. If it was an alternative spelling, there would be no need to hide the original declaration and create a fixed copy
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    Ancient astronaut theorists say yes!
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