My current company is moving to a no code platform.

Also me planning to moving into another company :)

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    What is that even supposed to fucking mean? Are they going to buy every tool they need and never configure or integrate them together?

    Fucking idiots. You're better off without them.
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    @sariel I don't really care anymore what they doing. I tried to explain why it's bad technically. They said it's good for the business.

    But they can't understand the cost of getting dependant on third parties. And I'm done with this crap.
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    That seems utterly fucking stupid.
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    @spantheslayer what a bullshit response.

    I hope when they call you in six months for help you give them an estimate that that's four times your current salary and tell them the same thing, "it's good for business guys, don't you remember?"

    Fucking ass-trumpets.

    Good luck to you, hope you find some place that will appreciate you.
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    they do what they gotta do, you do what you gotta do.

    The business is not under any requirement to make decisions comfortable for developers. Whatever is good for business is a good decision. Even if that means letting you and your team go.

    Who knows, maybe they got some damn good deal ensuring someone else will have to be working their ass to deliver the agreed value... using rigid af platforms. Be glad that YOU won't have to be that person ;)
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    @netikras except it's not good for business, at least not in the long-term. Relying solely on third party software tools will eventually bite them in the a** down the road.
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    no-code-platform AKA we will hit a roadblock and won't be able to move forward with projects because of the limitations of the platform.

    I'm sure they'll realize how utterly stupid that move is.
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    When I read “no code” I think about the unkempt promises of CMS like WordPress or Joomla (or Prestashop 🥶).

    And Douglas Adams words come to my mind:

    “The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at and repair.”
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    Business people have been trying to buy in every scheme possible to not be dependent on programmers since COBOL.

    Low code applications are already utter crap let alone the no code stuff.
    I think that might work for automating some non critical side processes that are more a sheet. No decent error/exception handling, everything might break with an update (you have no control over). But hey they are welcome to find that out by themselves.

    I was once given the task of building something in a low code thing. It was too limited in the output display features to work for the problem. But then the whole argument about it can't be done (but look at the shiny interface examples they have) was ended by the platform being discontinued...
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    @rov3rand0m as a WordPress dev, people who see WP as no code make me laugh. You get some chaps who basically want a static site but with an editor, and it kinda makes sense with the no code approach… then the people who want WP to be a blog, tool, social Network, forum, super modern but totally unique theme, meet all GDPR standards… all doable, but with no code? Haha, no.
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    @boombodies that repo is great, made more gold by some of those PRs.
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