I need to get off this frustration out of my system.

I have a autistic retarded sister who has less than a half brain cell.

Evolution from fish to humans was faster than completion of a task assigned to this faggot.

I fucking hate her. Why was I born in this family. Fucking why!!!!!

Autistic narcissistic cunt. Horrible human.

Doesn't have any friends, no family member cares for her, entitled bitch, earns less than $75 a year.

Whenever we meet, she makes sure to belittle me in front of our parents and gives advices and gyaan on how superior she is and how much waste of oxygen I am.

Constantly mentions that my career choices are stupid, whereas she is doing great (in reality she isn't even able to score a simple degree and no one is willing to hire her).

Acording to her, I have zero financial literacy and she is a genius (in reality I am managing the entire family finances and providing for everyone).

Even when I ask her about something, she says that I am asking stupid questions where as in reality she is an anti vaxxer. God damn fuck!! She was stopping my parents to get vaccinated. Fucking bitch.

There's a simple 20 minute task regarding some tax work and she took more than 2 weeks to even comprehend my request and now screams at me for raising the request on the last day. Bitch WTF! I told you well in advance and now you fuck me up entirely.

My parents are so fucking biased and will blindly side her because she is a girl and using this argument they have destroyed me emotionally over years.

Yes, I no longer care for any of these maniacs and want to leave this place asap.

For now, for the life of me, I am ready to pay more than $3500 extra in taxes than deal with this woman child.

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    or, OR, Just don't fix everyones shit if nobody asks you to. If you're a "nothing" and stupid, you shouldn't manage them, let the "genius" of the family lead, handle your own problems, not everybody else's. Loving everyone while nobody loves you back is not a family. A stray cat is more family than that. Ask yourself if those people will help you if you ever get in a bad place. If the answer is no, then wash your hands, their dark place is not your problem.
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    @SoldierOfCode I am not helping her, I live on a no contact rule.

    With some taxation related thing, I had to produce some proofs where her involvement is inevitable.

    Hence, I had to establish a communication and kept it strictly transactional.

    I was patient and kept my cool, but I too have boundaries and a breaking point. My parents will never, NEVER, support me.

    And I if ignore her mindlessness and all the fucked decisions she makes, I'll be in more trouble because then she'll ask me to resolve all the issues and might causes enough financial damage for me to never recover (and that is something I am scared of).

    Hence, I keep myself away and never disclose finances to anyone. Some mistakes I did in past and now learning from those, I am fixing them.

    Hopefully, I get out of this shithole environment and live a better life for myself.
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    Sometimes the best thing you can do for you, is to remove those that fuck you over backwards every time.

    Family is the hardest to drop on their sorry sad asses, but that doesn't mean it's not the right thing to do when all else fails.
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    @C0D4 yes, the amount of emotional abuse and blackmail they do has ruined me.

    I fucking want those idiots out and will only stick to parents and that too a transactional relationship.

    Enough of family love and drama. I am done.
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    @Floydimus Just out of curiosity, how can she cause YOU financial troubles?
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    For some family systems, helping out is the only currency that is exchanged for validation. Love and acceptance is absent. Codependency is like an early programming. Even if you know it, it’s very hard to just override it without support from outside the family.
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    @SoldierOfCode what @Standing said.

    And she fucks up on decisions and then would make me pay for her lack of competency to make better life choices.

    One instances is, she never considered our parents insurance seriously risking their lives.

    Because of that, not only we got super expensive insurance with almost zero coverage, but also, now when I plan to upgrade it, it is costing me a leg and an arm because we delayed it and age factor is costing extra premium.

    Only if she was competent enough (that she claims to be), she'd wouldn't take the ownership of the insurance task and if she did, she act swifty to make sure get the best deal securing lives.

    But guess who now has to go through all the paperwork, stress, and 3X the cost of insurance, because the idiot failed to do her job.
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    @Floydimus maybe we are cousins. I have a parasite on my family who is exactly like that. Luckily, she is far enough so I'm not in the immediate splash zone.
    Anyhow, we are techies. Our tools are in our brains. Our facilities are literally in every medium-or-larger sized city in the planet.
    GTFO. Managing awful parents from a distance of a continent or two is harder on the hours, but MUCH easier on the stress. (note that I've said "easier", not "stress-free")
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    dont hate her, tomorrow you could have a kid of your own like that. =)
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    @JsonBoa trying my level best to leave.

    What's funny is, she was sent to one of the top tier schools in town with best teachers and facilities. Yet she can barely speak English.

    And because of that, I was made to go to a shitty school with absolutely no advantage on knowledge or circulars.

    You are right, let's use our brains to optimal capacity and build a better life for ourselves.
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    @gdb123 I'd make sure I raise my kid well, if I plan to have one.
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    Sounds like your sister has taken been autistic too far. Best to pack up and leave whenever possible. And leave your old life behind, it will make you happier.

    Have you been screened for Autism? It can run in the family. You may have a more high functioning autism which actually will make you very intelligent. Plus you could use it against her.

    I have autism which is why I love computers and code so much. But having autism has given unfair advantages which I try not to accept.

    As I and others have said. Leave. Them. Behind.
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    No one. and i mean literally no one, can push your buttons like family can.
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    You have to let go.
    Neither your sister nor your parents will ever improve.
    Leave them to their stupidity and get your own life (and insurance if needed).
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    @Floydimus why are you even still there? Move out already. Let them rot.
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    don't use "autistic" as a label for her. retarded and narcissistic? obviously, from what you're saying. but autistic people are usually very sincere, and in moat cases also nice, if difficult to work with.
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    @Floydimus @Midnight-shcode I second that. People with autism will usually demonstrate the capacity for self-reflection when they are confronted with pain they cause others. People with narcissistic traits show lack of remorse, responsibility and guilt. In most cases they will even feel like the victim if confronted with their wrongdoing.
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    I feel your pain. My sister is pretty similar, she’s a TOWIE wannabe, thinks she’s famous, earns peanuts because she’s a dancer. My dad lost the house and I spent another 3 years at home, helping to pay bills. I finally moved out, I bought a narrowboat outright and I don’t have many bills now.
    She on the other hand, rents a flat from a friend and struggles to pay rent 💁🏼‍♀️ mummy and daddy can’t pay for everything anymore boohoo!
    She asked me to put a mortgage down on a house FOR HER and she’d pay me £150 a month. The mortgage would’ve been £860 a month… yes I’m so Ganna do that. Fucking loon
    But anyway you’ll get away eventually, they never really disappear but it’ll get better! You’ll be in the dominant situation! She’s asked to come over soon, she thinks living on a boat is below her 😂😂😂😂 bitch I can buy a house whenever, this is lovely and there’s no bills 💁🏼‍♀️
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    @bashleigh super curious about living where you can get rid of your neighbors without having to pack your stuff.
    I guess you don't get mosquitoes in most of the UK, but how do you handle your home bouncing with the tide? I've been in a container ship and shit SHAKES. Spent a day just throwing up.
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    @JsonBoa why was you in a container ship? 😂😂
    Ahhh I did fancy a sea boat on the waves but girlfriend didn’t fancy it so we bought a narrowboats which is a canal boat, like a really calm river so no waves at all! The odd rocking but not much! It’s great though, out in the country, lots of piece and quiet, lots of similar people, big community etc it’s great
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    @adamjkeith Agreed. Calling her autistic was definitely an extreme but I was just frustrated and she would not consider my points or opinions at all.

    Trying my level best to relocate to a different place to experience a different lifestyle, which may or may not be better than the current one.

    @theMaintainer because the family has an emotional connect and they use it to blackmail us emotionally. For others, we can choose to not give a fuck.

    @Oktokolo and that is what I am learning slowly. I cannot save everyone, and I don't have to.

    @NeatNerdPrime Trying my level best to relocate as soon as I can. It is not easy to score a job in a different continent given my super awesome passport.

    @Midnight-shcode I agree, she is not sincere at all. Maybe we just don't get along well because I am the only one who is asked to compromise all the time which makes me angry.
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    @Standing There is no concept of self reflection or self awareness in my family at all. lol these people are weirdly egoistic

    @bashleigh hang on.. you live on a boat? A FUCKING BOAT? That's so cooooool. IIRC you are from Denmark, right?

    I need pictures. This is exciting. I want to learn more and live this life. Are you looking for potential partners? LOL
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    @Floydimus no no not Denmark. The UK :) I currently live about 1 hr by train from London.
    Sorry the position has been filled by my nutter girlfriend 😂😂 anymore questions let me know! And no I don’t pay council tax 😎
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    @bashleigh hah.. okay. So now I have a friend in the UK who lives on a boat. Freaking cool.

    And is that you peaking out from the boat?

    What's council tax?

    I have ton of questions, like where do you park it?

    Is it allowed to live on a boat?

    How often do you step on land to get groceries and stuff?

    Are there other people around who live in their boats?

    What about safety and security?
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    @Floydimus council tax is like errr tax for living somewhere. Pays for parks, and public spaces.

    No that’s the nutter 😂 forgot what this picture was about!

    You can moor it pretty much wherever. We live in a marina atm, like a big lake with tones of boats. There are hundreds of people living here. You can live on them, not really suppose to, suppose to have a residential mooring so you pay council tax etc

    I hardly go on land tbh 😂 every couple of days I suppose? Girlfriend drives to work so she collects the foods, I cook it!

    It’s secure. It could be more secure, there are a few break ins here and there as they’re normal in the middle of nowhere so it’s easy not to be seen. I need to make our boat more secure really, only has a pansy lock on the front
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    @Floydimus wait was she not actually autistic? Were you using it as an insult?
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    @adamjkeith not an insult. She might be autistic, just that she refuse to go to therapy or get diagnosed.
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    @bashleigh I am still processing this awesomeness.

    I am not used to or have heard of such stuff happening. This is a life goal.
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    @Floydimus I'm guessing you're from America? There are some canals in America aren't there? Probably a few boats around probably! Check it out for me if you live near one!
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    @bashleigh no, I am from a third nation in South Aisa.

    Yes, you guessed it right. Lol
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    @Floydimus ahhh ma bad X'D
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