What is it with shipping websites sending you an email saying "hey, here's your tracking number and tracking URL!" and then that *very same link* saying "this tracking number doesn't exist, it can take a few days to show up sometimes, try again!" I'd understand if this was one knock-off weird company, but it seems to be *all of them*.

Seriously, how hard is it to just initialise a tracking number at the point you send that email so it at least shows a "parcel not yet picked up" or similar message? I know it doesn't make much material difference to tracking but it just reeks of bad UX and lazy / incompetent devs.

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    Usually that link is to the shipper so you can't blame the sending company for something that isn't their responsibility to show a correct message. They just got the tracking number from the shipping company.
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    I think the shop creates the label with the tracking number. They send you the email then before it's been scanned at the shipping facility.

    The shipping facility has no knowledge of the number until they scan it, do it could be a bad number or need a few days to be processed.
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    @lungdart that's a stupid system.

    I got a tracking code not too long ago that never became valid. When the logistics company retrieved the order, they sent me a different code.
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    GLS usually displays a message saying something along the lines of "A label was generated by the sender, but has not yet been been deposited at a GLS depot/warehouse" when these mails are sent out.

    I only always see the message in danish, so don't blame me for the incorrect English translation.
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    The thing is, if they know it's not going to be available yet in the website, why send me an email in the first place ?
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    @electrineer maybe they made a mistake and had to print a new label so the code changed, due to human error. I doubt they generate throwaway codes that are later replaced for no reason.
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    @ess3sq actually I find it more likely that they do. Delivery services always find a way to fuck up.
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