I'm getting annoyed with the increasing number of platforms that implement the "Oops, something went wrong" vague error message.

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    Ehh, there's not gonna be anything an end user can probably do, and for your average user anything else is likely to be confusing.
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    error handling can be a pain in the ass so have mercy on the developer.

    imagine catching some error from a method in an external library and having to parse the error message to get it down to the client.

    nahh, all errors mean something happened.
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    There's not much you can say about a 500... You can't reveal any backend logic/structures to the FE. Especially [!!!] in the case of errors.
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    Do want it to read like
    "Buffer overflow while processing the user-provided page field! Please exploit carefully."
    or is a slightly more vague
    "Sorry, we really botched this, so a bug crashed our backend!"
    more to your liking?
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    my question would be why is everyone going down the "oopsie woopsie we fuffed up somethingy uwu" instead of stating "unexpected error. try again later. button(report issue)"
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    @ilechuks73 Developers shouldn't be lazy.
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    @netikras Hm yeah, security.
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    @qwwerty That would be better.
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    You're not alone, I hate these too. Would I rather have an error code? YES. Why? So I can search for that error code and maybe, just maybe find a solution online. With these vague, generic error messages the error could be anything and no one can help you, they're not searchable.
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