That explains everything. Thank you, Magento.

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    Would you say that the use of less and less informative pop up windows is the result of all the really stupid users that exist in the world?
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    Wish I could build a new system. It would honestly run much faster and smoother than Magento. But the business doesn't trust in the den team and thinks it would cost the client too much to have us spend the same amount of time it has taken us to support this shit.
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    @Jase are you repyling to me? or OP? i'm so confused XD
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    At least you got an error message. I'm maintaining a 1.9.x build and things just break and don't even throw errors. A simple
    Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->loadByAttribute('sku', $sku); won't even work at this point. Thank god we're pushing the new site in a week.
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    @SirusAmory i know... Try load by id and check if the Produkt is enabled for the store
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