Why do Linux users are arrogant and think that they are superiors compared to normal people?

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    Because we are. Bask in our glory plebe.
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    Because we're clearly superior, everyone knows that.
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    btw, I'm also a Linux user and I notice these traits within myself, I'm just making sure that I'm not alone, lol:D
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    Cause we understand the inner workings of our systems and they only do what we tell them

    Once you reach that level of understanding It's really hard to go back to being fed shit by microsoft and its kinda hars to respect people that let themselves be treated that way
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    @Hazarth I've been using Linux past 2 months and I've noticed some major differences between both OS's and Yeah If you want to use Linux then you have to understand your machine!
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    If there was ever a thread for the devRant.com Prophet of Vim to show up….
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    They cant play video games as good as Windows users so it is just their jealosy. Small dick, big mouth.
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    @aviophile uh-oh sounds like somebody had a bad time with Ubuntu!
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    @sariel Linux is his Arch nemesis.
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    Because unlike most other operating systems, Linux does what you instruct it to do, as if your computer belongs to you or something. It's also extremely rewarding to people who put in the time and effort to learn about the nuts and bolts.

    This kind of positive experience can easily leave a user wondering why someone would suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous systems like Windows, and talk that way.
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    Linux is better than Windows. This is why Microsoft has WSL and Linux doesn't have LSW.

    Adding Linux to windows makes it better. Adding Windows to Linux makes it worse.

    There are only 2 reasons people should use Windows. 1) The office suite your work uses requires you to (Which is going away) and 2) Better game support (Which isn't anything superior in windows, but actually has to do with the amount of bug reports linux users send to devs vs windows users)
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    "Better game support" in Windows means AAA, which can go eat its own shit. Stick those microtransactions and crunch working conditions up your ass, Bobby Kotick.
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    @sariel how is it going in black white console worldya peasants? Can you play commodore 64 games yet? 😂
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    @aviophile it plays almost every console game made since 1970.

    It plays almost any dos game.

    I have a game collection that I could play a new game every day for 60 years and never repeat.

    Why would I ever want to play those pleb games like Hello 4 or Around Us?

    New AAA games suck and have zero originality and zero challenge.

    Besides, as an adult I don't have the opportunity to play many games anymore. When I became an adult I put away my toys. Linux is simply an OS by adults, for adults.
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    @lungdart I would go as far to say Linux users are more vocal because they can speak intelligently on the cause of the problem.

    Windows users have been trained over DECADES to push the button to send a log dump to Microsoft, where nobody ever looks at it and is as good as not sending anything.

    So yeah, .01% of the Linux users account for 20% of the tickets opened, but that's because they know wtf is wrong and want it fixed.
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    Oh nice, a fellow Gentoo user. Nice to see ya.

    I don't get that snobism either.
    Like in gaming, not everyone has to be a pro.
    Casual computer users are users too.
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    Linux snobism has become quite common nowadays. It's really no different from the "PC masterrace" mindset. It's just blatant fanboyism, that's all it is. At the end of the day - these are tools. It's like saying one company's hammer is better than another's screwdriver. These OSes have different target audiences and they excel at different things.

    Objectively speaking, Linux is a great and reliable OS, but it is not that average consumer friendly. It is not a more "elite" operating system, because having more freedom does not mean it allows you to be more productive or get things done faster-easier - which should be the most important metric.

    Windows is a good choice for gaming, Linux is a good choice for heavy BE engineers/sys admins/servers and macOS is a solid choice for designers or FE/wide-range developers.
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    @Oktokolo I totally agree with you. What's the point of these "pro straits" if one can open-mindedly move forward without them? Tinkering is not everyone's forte.
    That peak of time's lane when users just use any Linux distribution all 365 days per year without having to realize inner workings is a big achievement in user space.
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    @sariel i start to think you are not trolling but serious, which is worse.
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    @aviophile not trolling, Linux users are power users.

    Windows Pro is a shadow of previous versions, to the point it's a fucking joke.

    Microsoft saw the cash flow that Apple brought in and decided,"that walled garden looks good!". But they are figuratively selling their customers down the river.

    Nah man, I'm good with using Linux as my daily driver.
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    @sariel I would say non-Ubuntu users are power users. Mostly to troll Ubuntu users (which I use at work).
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    @Demolishun lol I can agree to that. The few who I know that use Ubuntu are the plug-n-play crowd.

    Any of the serious engineers I know are using distros like CentOS, Debian, Arch. And the really serious ones are using RedHat.

    It's not about what each distro can do, because they can all do the same thing. It's really about what they don't do.

    I always saw Ubuntu as a toy because it just does whatever Canonical wants it to do. Like sending user metrics off to sell, or automatically configuring your interfaces and route tables.

    It's such a pita to deal with, so I chose distros that are devoid of bloat.

    No doubt there is a place for Ubuntu and those users are technically Linux users, but they are not power users.
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