Stopped studying DSA and for coding interviews, they legit rejected me even tho I did all questions right. Wtf is wrong with hiring.

I remember this another bastard asked me only DSA for a frontend job. :) he didn't ask me to give an intro even a straightaway question.

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    ssh-keygen -t dsa

    That's all I know.
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    What is DSA?
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    @iiii I think it is “data structures and algorithms”

    And unless the company is doing some cutting edge development I really cannot see a reason for those questions.

    Sure its good to know but many times devs knows about many of them and how they are used, just not what they are called.

    I have not ever been asked any such raw questions, any structures or algorithms has always been part of a problem where they describe what they want to achieve, not for a specifically ds or a.

    And that includes Amazon.

    They described a problem and it was up to me to suggest a way to solve it.

    But most times, questions have been much more general questions.
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    @Voxera amazon never asked you DSA? In the US it’s impossible to get into amazon as a software engineer without going through rigorous algo tests. It sounds like Sweden has a more practical way to test candidates. Sadly most US companies are algo obsessed, not just FAANG
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    @TeachMeCode the position was for vancouver they told me after the personal interview which is not what I had anticipated so I set my expected salary quite high and we did not reach an agreement;)

    But they did not ask specifically dsa questions, they presented problem on filtering or processing extremely large datasets and that involved understanding how to handle that without runaway memory or processing time, so under the hood you needed to have some ds and a understanding, but it was framed in a theoretical problem to solve.

    It was interesting and should the contact me for a position in Sweden I might reconsider.
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    This honestly is our fault as developers for not putting a stop to it. As @Voxera said, unless someone is working on cutting edge tech that required the creation of new algorithms and the management of efficient structures and algos, then there is no point, SPECIALLY for a frontend job. TF are you going to do? create a linked list in javascript over using their standard arrays? shit is ridiculous. Do what I do and refuse an interview or walk away from them if you get shit like this.

    But do learn about them, I mean they are an important and fundamental computer science topic, just not one that you might immediatedly see being applied on your day to day job
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    @AleCx04 agreed, you should know about them, you usually do not need to know exactly how or why they work only that they do and what properties they have, like speed, memory footprint, order preservation or whatever is important for your use case.
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    Interviews are way harder than the actual. job.most dev jobs are simple crud apps lol
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    I need a front-end dev to develop a middleware to optimize a network-graph integrated using a specific JS library.

    DSA knowledge is mandatory for such a task.
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    @TeachMeCode not really, but yeah it's not DSA that's used. After a point it's System Design.

    Here in India they do ask System Design for candidates with 3+ years of experience, but that's after DSA rounds.

    I guess DSA is a way to judge problem solving abilities although I don't correctly understand how.
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    @BugsBuggy you dont even have to remember the algo itself. For me its useful to know if the candidate knows the name of an available solution for a particular problem, best practices, algo limitations, etc.
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    @bioDan well generally here the pattern of the interview is to "solve" a problem.

    Like for example, find the maximum distance between any two nodes of a tree (asked in Amazon)
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    @BugsBuggy yes well, i dont require the implementation of the algo, just describing what i mentioned and some psuedo-code to show the basic understanding of the algo and assignment
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    What I really hate (as interview questions) are those dsa questions that require a clever flash of genius or insight. They’re fun to do on your own but those a-ha questions should be ILLEGAL to ask during interviews.
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    What’s ironic is that i would love to be paid to solve leetcode all day. It’s good mental masturbation and feels rewarding when you solve tougher problems. Just that most jobs are CRUD...not much carryover
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