Technology never stops to amaze me.

I bought hdmi stick with nes emulator, connected it to power using usb on my tv directly no power adapter needed - only cable, it has 2 remote pads powered by batteries, all fits into my pocket and it has removable sdcard that I can connect to my computer and upload games.
I can go to someone’s house, bring up this little fella and we can play games together. It only took 40 years to do it.

Damn I remember playing, mario, contra or micro machines as a kid.

Spent 8+ hours playing great old games already lol.

I just need portable 60 inch tv screen or projection screen and battery that would power it for at least 8 hours and fit to my pocket and my life is complete.

Imagine you go to the bar, sit, grab a beer and play mario with random people all night.

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    This is really cool. Got a link for the device?
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    @Demolishun I have “extreme mini game box” just google it
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    Dunno about the projector (lighting and disputes over wall real space would be shitty).
    But maybe unobtrusive glasses with built in screens could do the trick. Specially combined with earplugs.
    Tech will get there
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    I got the same!

    Many games look hacky and dont work too well imho
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    those last sentences are a dream
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    Lots of new things are coming each and everyday. Technology has made our life more easier.
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