anybody else's hands and wrists hurt all the time like the devil sat on them

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    You should maybe see a doctor for that. And look up ways to prevent and alleviate carpal tunnel as well as arthritis and implement them.

    Things I've found to be helpful (at least with computer usage) are:
    - getting a vertical mouse
    - changing my keyboard for a better quality one
    - focusing on stretches and exercises for my hands, wrists and forearms
    - taking a short break every 20 to 30 min to stretch my wrists and let them relax
    - taking a long break every hour or so and maybe doing another activity which doesn't include mouse and keyboard (such as going to make a cup of coffee, or even organizing my desk)
    - adjusting my desk setup and chair height, sometimes changing things a bit helps
    - staying off my phone, turns out holding and typing on my phone for long periods of time hurts my wrists as well
    - laying on my bed and meditating for 20 minutes or so, I find it helps to relax especially if I don't even realize I'm straining things
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    That sounds a lot like carpal tunnel syndrome. I had that years ago. Knuckles and hand hurting all the time. Popped my knuckles a lot hoping that would help, it didn't. Told my doc about it. He looked at me 2 seconds and said to buy and wear wrist braces at night when I slept. It helped me.
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    @crappycode All of those sound helpful. I just got a keyboard wrist rest and started doing exercises

    Hope that helps

    And you're right. Most of my breaks from work involve me using phone or gaming (neither helps the pain). Thanks mate
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