My wife gave me an iPhone for Christmas. The last one I had was the 4. As soon as it connected to my computer and I answered the first call from it. I don't know, I fell in love. Mind you, I don't want the Apple Watch. I have an amazfit neo and I like it that way.

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    I will freely admit that their ecosystem is quite nice. It’s all too expensive, and far too limiting for me, though.

    And it’s all a black box. I can’t trust black boxes.
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    @Root Im agree with you
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    The UI of iphone is pretty weird, imo.
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    I love my iphone, shit is pretty cool and connects to your other apple devices in a seamless way.

    I also love the ui. Not married to it tho, I could as easily change between a windows pc, a linux one or a mac as I can between Android and IOS
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    They’re far too expensive but I don’t think I could ever go back to an Android phone now.
    I think I would rather be a few generations of iPhone behind than be latest gen Android
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    Surprisingly no Android cave dweller didnt derail this topic. I also love iPhone.
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