!dev I don't understand why in job ads they write: "Looking for 20 developers". What, are they raising a farm? LoL. Why so many developers.. especially if it's for a small company?

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    That said I never came across something like that. Maybe they should read "The Mythical Man-Month".
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    They probably won a new Client and want to ramp up the Work
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    that's crazy, i only ever see one open spot at a time around here. actually, it kinda pisses me off that they overwork a small team instead of hiring a couple more members.

    20 tho... that's insane.
    it reminds me of that joke of a math problem: "if an orchestra with 20 members plays a symphony in 5 minutes, how long does an orchestra with 40 members take?"
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    I can't speak for small companies, but I know my company (at the enterprise level) has so many open reqs to fill. I was part of this interview "gauntlet" designed to get as many people through the process as quickly as possible. It was nuts. But it's literally initiatives that come up, that we're looking to be first to market on.
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