macOS Monterey, ladies and gentlemen!

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    Are you bothered by the fact the fingerprint is only a short cut to avoid writing a password?

    And after some failed attempt or some time it requires the password again?

    I think it is to avoid people using your fingers to unlock your secrets while you sleep.
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    I think osx looked better than that.. but I can't ignore that cutoff on the right side!
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    @rov3rand0m I am bothered by the fact that instead of wallpaper, it’s just a fucking grey background!
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    Ah ok! 👌
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    Have you tried turning it off and on again?
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    I got to a point w/Mac and their browsers that I suggested they begin naming them after cities where atrocities and catastrophes have occurred. More in keeping with the experience.

    Windows can be a pain in the ass. Mac is a first degree murderer looking for more victims when compared to Windows.
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