Why do game studios force social/multiplayer in single player games?
Single player sandbox? How about we make it a multiplayer co-op?
Just fine 1 on 1 brawl? Hey how about you find a team and tag team? No? Too bad fuck you, no points to you for a whole fucking season.


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    It increases playtime through social guilt and has only a negligible impact on sales.

    For the games where this isn’t true or doesn’t work, it’s still the intent (usually forced by the publishers) — or they just failed at it.
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    Just got into smash bros ultimate and I’m fucking sick with Kirby. Perhaps bc I used to play a lot of Kirby games as a kid..
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    @Root And playtime matters when you're operating a casino.
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    @saucyatom It matters for anything where you accrue profit through extended interaction time. Casinos, microtransactions, loot boxes, subscriptions, ads, franchise sequels, merchandising, data mining, echo chambers, healthcare, war, …
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    Because normies like rudimentary co-op
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    @Root I was hinting at loot boxes = gambling
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    @saucyatom They totally are.
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    I don't think you're overreacting. it's actually pretty annoying, and the only reason why we don't complain more about it is because everyone is already used to it. gotta say, some business practices that came up in the last couple decades are a fuckin nightmare, specially in the tech industry
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    Fuck modern gaming and bring back Castlevania! I have a Playstation 5 but i play my switch more often bc I know that gaming is more than “graphics” and “ray tracing”. It’s about story, music, controls, level design, and AI for feeling accomplished when taking down a difficult boss. But enough talk, have at you!
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    @TeachMeCode i think you guys should get more into indie games... so many good metroidvanias all around. I'm currently playing dandara 👌

    but if you really want castlevania, just play bloodstained, it's the same thing 😂
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    @darksideofyay I did, and beat every boss in bloodstained. but it’s not castlevania! Konami killed castlevania and metal gear, and I’m not sure contra is coming back either. Konami can rot in shit!
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    Konami is dead to me. It did not recognize the talents of its best people so they either left or were fired. Many video game franchises I used to enjoy are now gone thanks to this shit pile of a company
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    I'm glad and relieved by the opinions in this thread. Glad because I have support and relieved because I thought I was the only one bitching for lack of friends playing the same game.

    Multiplayers have their place in the gaming world but it does my nut in when it is default or expected like when I have to create an account just to be able to play a game.

    I'd say lootboxes also have their place. But that is to serve as bad examples instead of as examples to emulate in every fucking game.

    At least indie games are there to save us.
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    @anux I only don't agree about lootboxes because i think it's a really perverse way of coaxing money out of kids and vulnerable people. when people say lootboxes are gambling they're not exaggerating. it's the kind of stuff that can fuck with someone's life
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    @darksideofyay yeah I agree with you.
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