Interviewer: *looking at my GitHub* do you use devrant?
Me: ...yes
Interviewer: ok, cool

I had an interview once where the dev interviewing me recognised that I had devrant avatar as my github profile picture.
Maybe that was one of the reasons they didn't get back to me after that interview? 🤔

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    May be he was one of your subscriber 💫
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    If that was the cause he’s obviously afraid of having their practices exposed :P
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    Maybe he's secretly ranting about you ranting on devrant
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    Ignore me, i am just here to wait for the Interviewer to comment something.
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    Yeah it's definitely best to use completely unique usernames and pictures for every service you use -- possibly even multiple accounts for some services.

    A member of my team got into a conflict with HR, just because she forked DeepCreamPy on Github (a neural net trained to decensor hentai images) 🤷‍♀️
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    @bittersweet Yeah, I didn't think that would ever be an issue, I changed my profile picture after that
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    @bittersweet Yeah time to get myself a new identity.
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