What OS do you use at work?
Are you local admin of your work computer?
If no, how are local admin rights managed?
Do you think that giving local admin rights to devs is a good idea?

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    Windows and yes I am local admin.

    And in many windows dev scenarios local admin is almost required, at least before netcore.

    With netcore you get a lot more flexibility and should manage without in most cases but we still have some older code that runs directly with the iis and then its admin required for any debugging.
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    - MacOS

    - No

    - No idea with a pinch of pre-installed apps, antivirus, ...

    - Duh!
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    MacOS, and yes I’m a local admin. The corporate mostly forces Windows machines with no local admin rights to work with, but for those of us who can opt-in for Macs also are by default outside the corporate IT management program, where we could possibly opt-in if we wanted to, but who wants to give control over their device to some faceless IT dept in another country?

    And yes, as devs I think we should at least be able to opt-in for local admin rights. I’ve witnessed many a dev struggle do to their work due to not having them…
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    Local Admin

    It would be impossible to work in any other way.

    Only managers, students and other cattle should be in remote controlled pcs
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    Linux and Windows (over RDP from the Linux).
    The Linux is mine and i also am Admin on the Windows.

    If you employ devs instead of monkeys, it makes absolutely no sense to not give them local admin rights on their everyday work machine as they really know best what they need to install and whether they want to restart in the middle of somethings because Windows Update says so...

    But if you have a dedicated admin who likes catering to the diverse developer fetishes, you surely can get away with not giving your devs local admin rights too.
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    Windows 10 and local admin
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    yes I’m local admin,
    yes it’s also managed using jamf
    never give developer machine without admin rights when you want work done,

    Except when all of company work is done in cloud, code editor is in cloud, development environment is in cloud, infra in cloud and you don’t do anything on machine, literally anything except typing login and password.
    I didn’t meet such company yet.
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    Not local admin, but can make a request to be temporarily granted privileges (the process is fully automated).

    Not giving devs admin access to the machine is like selling someone a car without a steering wheel
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    In some cases not being your own local admin is a good idea.

    But I wouldn’t want to work in a company that doesn’t give me admin rights to my pc.
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    To answer your question it really depends. If your devs have access to customer data take that into account. Enforcing policies and checking for security holes can be done with any OS.
    I would advise to provide a way for devs to let them install stuff. If there are two devs it's fine that you do it for them but the more you get the quicker it becomes an obstacle for them and bothersome for you.
    They don't always need admin permissions but if they do cross platform development they likely need enough permissions to restart or maintain visualisation software.
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    windows, because i inherited a legacy project that's only running on windows, and since it's my main project, going through a VM ain't worth the hassle.

    yes, i'm a local admin. usually, local admin rights are a necessity for developers.
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    1. MacOS (previously Windows)
    2. yep, am local admin
    3. yes - I'm no expert in permission management but devs need to be able to sudo and install whatever. Lots of devs would quit if they were limited to the point of not being able to install and config shit themselves.
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    I’m not the local admin, at least that’s what IT thinks. Security knows better, but that’s only because I kinda respect the rest of the security team and told them.

    I also killed all the monitoring. They didn’t know, which means whoever set it up is an idiot.

    Devs should always be admins on their machines. Always. Interfering does nothing but annoy and irritate, and therefore slow down development (or encourage turnover).
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    Of course devs should be local admins. How are we supposed to do our jobs otherwise?
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