So we hired a junior engineer. 1 year of experience, this is his second job.

First task: Send some data to a web service using its REST API. Let me know when you've finished.

Two hours later I go to check on him.
- "I'm trying to decode this weird format the server uses"
He was writing a JSON parser in Python from scratch.


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    Well 1 year of experience... 😕
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    That's quite a good exercise
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    @tisaconundrum i suppose he had some kind of formation before ! A CS degree or something :/
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    Looks like he's just inexperienced. Don't give up on him!
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    @adnanh Haha. Don't worry. He's actually pretty smart.
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    At least he was really trying to work this shit out 😂
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    I give him full points. I've asked the same thing of systems engineers with 3+ years of experience and get blank stares.
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    "in Python"

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    Well... Everybody has to start somewhere! Maybe you should point him at the API documentation. If it exists.
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    Amazing. It feels like I live and breath JSON sometimes. Just discovered jq and wow
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    Nice job Junior! Just out of curiosity, a guy with one year of experience is expected to know web services (only if he has listed that in his resume/interview). You should talk to the hiring team on this :P
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    Encourage the junior to ask more questions. Imagine how much time he would have wasted if you didn't check up on him!
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