Does anyone else get rashes on/inbetween their fingers from using macbooks too much? Chromium reaction?

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    Doesn't Mac use Safari instead of Chrome?
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    Could be nickel allergy, maybe the aluminium alloy contains that. I found a research paper related to that. Apparently it's somewhat common to develop allergy from macbooks. https://researchgate.net/publicatio...

    Nickel allergy itself is very common, although it's no longer used as much in things people touch regularly.
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    "it's a feature" or naybe "you're using it wrong"
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    Have you tried powering it off then back on?
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    You can go to an doctor and ask for an allergy test for metal allergies.
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    Wow, I wonder what other products are slowly poisoning people.
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    @Demolishun there are many metals that can poison you.
    Lead - commonly used in old waterpipes - flint incident
    Copper - fungizide and old waterpipes - liver, lungs, prostata affected and can lead to merve damage

    But today most products have next to no concentration of metal that can harm you. Things with lead in them are for example protected by special paint or by leadoxides, which doesn't disolve in water.
    Just having contact with an metal doesn't make you poisoned. You have to swallow it. Contact with an metal can trigger allergies.
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    Thanks for the info @stop
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    @electrineer it is a bodily reaction from windows and linux peasants. They can’t handle too much wuality, thus allergy,
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    @aviophile What is it called when you love your abuser?
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    @Demolishun Stockholm syndrome?
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