If I had to name one attribute that dominates the software engineering ecosystem, it would be “arrogance” especially among young programmers. I think software engineering would be a much better place to work if people were more empathetic than being ginormous assholes trying to have a leg up over all their peers. Collaboration is much more rewarding than competition. It feeds your soul and feels a lot more natural.

Collaboration over Competition.

Have a peaceful day at work guys!

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    I'm not entire sure I agree with you. It sounds good on paper but in reality? I had some of the best experiences working with people that were competitive in nature. We would always pull each other up. I'd call it friendly rivalry, which is collaborative, but I knew at least one, that was also described as arrogant by the others, yet I still enjoyed working with him and there was mutual respect.

    This will happen everywhere where you're making people work with each other. You just can't click with everyone. But I don't know, we could probably try to analyze this further. That being said, there is one thing I know for a fact and that is that having a competitive "rival" in the workplace was not only fun for me, but also pushed me to work harder and learn new things faster and then explain them to him just so I can pretend to be better, and he would do the same and we would both laugh about it. That was probably some of the working experience I ever had
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    I totally agree with you. Constructive criticism in a workplace, always leads to betterment of all sorts. What you shared is very specific to your experience. What I shared is based on my personal experience as well as numerous other software engineers I have met and interacted over a course of 5 years. I think it’s safe to say that software engineering space is packed with arrogant and inconsiderate people who do not realise that once upon a time they struggled through same kind of problems that their peers are going through. A genuine amount of empathy is not to much to ask for. But yeah, everyone has a different perspective, so I respect your opinion too, based on your own experience. At the end of the day, I just wanted to rant haha, but it did have a great deal
    of truth to it. Cheers
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    I believe you're underestimating how many IT professionals/experts are on the spectrum. Often not too deep, so it may seem those people are neurotypical but the trope "i have trouble working with people, so i spend time with computers instead" is quite real. "genuine amount of emapthy" you're asking for is hard to find when those individuals don't have it implemented at all
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