I had my first interview

My answer was 90% "I'll learn it"

I wasn't even know what should I learn and now I know, so I get something through interview I guess

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    That's a good thing.

    I did the same thing for my first interview. I got the job too.

    I have also interviewed lots of people on their first interview. Not many people say, "I'll learn". Many will say, "you need to teach me."

    There's a HUGE difference.

    Good luck!
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    Being able to say you don't know something is a pretty positive attribute, and if it's a junior position you're not expected to know everything, so good luck.
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    Thats the best approach. It pisses me off when someone who has better dev skills overall misses out on a role just bc he doesn’t know the company’s favorite language he can learn in a week, so they end up hiring some dumbass just because he used it in an office (and got fired bc he sucks and can’t write maintainable code). Learning tech is easy as hell but some managers see it as spending more years in college lol.
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    Agree with @atheist @sariel @TeachMeCode said.

    I'd anyday hire, train, and mentor someone who is willing to learn, ready to out in efforts, and are proactive, even if they don't know shit.

    Hire for will, train for skill.

    In past, I have had tons of shitheads just sitting there and waiting for magic to happen and when it doesn't, they start throwing tantrums.
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    Congratulations to you
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    Working in IT for 10 years, and still saying it. Going to keep learning until last breath :)
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