This would be my first official post.

Been a IT Technician for a managed service provider for the past 9 years up until last year August. Managing director pulls me in with a movement to App Development after coming across some personal hobby projects I have done in the past.

Started in the new position in November as Junior Developer and workloads get dumped on me and left to figure it out. 4 weeks of running through code without documentation and the solutions started to make sense.

Started a new solution for a Large remote customer with documentation and timelines in December and I get pulled in again for a second time in front of the MD.

Good News:With effect in January I have been promoted to Head of Application development.

Bad News: The existing department head is leaving end of the month and I am to go 900km from home to hand over all responsibilities for the next 3 weeks.

Better News: Department has started shifting to DevOps and it is up to me to set the policies and work flows to how I see fit.

Worse news: it starts by expanding the team asap as 10 projects accounting to 4000 man hours with deadlines in Q3.

Wish me luck. It's going to be twisted Rollercoaster ride...

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    That's... An insane amount of work.

    Good luck!
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    “Department has started shifting to Devops”

    Ah so we’re still treating devops like it’s a department huh?

    God speed! Enjoy the money :)
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    A lot of News in one go

    Wish you the Best!
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    Make sure it comes with a pay increase.

    Find out why the last guy left.
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    Most of the companies I've worked with use https://tech-stack.io/services . It requires each employee to set and track their goals on a weekly basis. Often the goal-setting system fails because, although managers like it, employees don't want to implement it. They either really like the old system (especially if the system is "nothing"), or the employee thinks that learning a new system is a waste of time. Nevertheless, every company needs one or another management system.
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