How did they program keyboard?

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    By implementing the keyboardinput in hardware.
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    i fear for the future of our field
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    Using a virtual keyboard, obviously. Don't be dumb.
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    With the mouse and the character map in windows, duh?
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    They didn't.

    Keyboards still at their core consist of a pretty stupid matrix of switches electrically arranged in a matrix and a digital circuit scanning the matrix for shorts between rows and columns detecting the key presses.
    Back then, they where either interfaced via a primitive parallel or serial interface - the latter was pretty universal but they never called it that...
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    They probably turned on the on screen keyboard.
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    Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

    If we talk about keyboard, first programs used physical configurations, triggers, wires… meanwhile keyboard had a career in typewriter industry.

    Then someone thought took a few ideas and mixed them.
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    @rov3rand0m the egg comes first
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    @darksideofyay but where did it come from
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    @electrineer from an animal that wasn't a chicken. ✨ evolution ✨
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    This question must go deeper than we initially assumed...
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    The reason Linux refers to the terminals with the name TTY (TeleTYpe), is because the first Unix terminal devices were repurposed telegram machines, which used a mechanical typewriter for input and paper for output.
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    Bootstrapping. No, not that thing to build websites.
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