Your profile is in consideration.


HR: We'll let you know.


HR: You're one of the top 3 under consideration.


**HR won't answer/reply to text/emails


I accepted the truth.

Corporate world: Welcome to the employee life!

This was my first ever interview, referred by a guy I met on LinkedIn.

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    I think next time I'm going to word my application something like this:

    "You have until time/date to make a decision on hiring me or not, after that time, my application is hereby withdrawn."
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    Yup, if I take the time to apply, in many cases even prepare some portfolio/resume/exercises -- The very least they can do is give a short response.

    I usually just state in my application

    "As a professional, I appreciate honest, direct communication. I'm currently considering multiple offers, so please respond as soon as possible. If my application is not selected, please provide some constructive feedback, as I believe in growing as an engineer, and in the value of building long-term relations in my network"

    If I get rejected, I send them a link to a survey.

    If they do not respond, I keep calling three times a week. Out of principle.

    It once took over 60 phonecalls.... "I found a different job, but you have not fulfilled my request for feedback yet"

    Eventually they filled in my online survey.
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    @bittersweet oh that's brilliant. Mind if I steal that idea? :-p
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    Not at all. I highly recommend treating (prospective) employers the same way they treat clients -- And that includes gently spamming them.
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    I used to give up after 100+ phone calls, emails and popping in, in person to the company when I was passing.

    Now I think, don't bother giving them any chances at all, I'll just waste my time doing so.

    And I'm not going to do more than just one interview !

    Doing 3 and then being ghosted by them, is a huge waste of time !

    I can't spend my life going to job interviews !

    Not when they clash either !

    Reminds me of relationships..
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