Boss: "I need you to program tool-1, tool-2 and tool-3"
Me: *creates tool-1*
Boss: "Why did you make tool-1? I needed tool-3 done by now"

Maybe you should have told me that 🙃

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    If he needed it done first, he shouldn't have named it 'tool-3'. That's a bit misleading.
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    @Grundeir Planning, timemanagement and forwarding information are skills my boss lack 😂
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    One basic skill for developers is project juggling. The magic question is "What is your priority on this?" Rinse and repeat until you re-prioritize your entire plate. Use a whiteboard in big letters so they see how busy you are and so they can see that if everything has a critical or high priority, that NOTHING has priority.
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    @jagalbraith Totally agree! My boss has actually redefined the word "priority". Everything is simply "high priority" 😂
    Good thing our other boss has some control over him.

    He's a great guy though, but not much of a project manager :/
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    @sonywalk That is all too common. User are even worse. "Would you say this is a high, medium, or low priority?" is what I ask and usually get a response of "Oh, high. I need this right away." I can count on that answer. I am not making web pages either. I am making security tools that pulls memory dumps or chews through log files or something like building report by correlating SIEM data and LDAP data.
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