Boss: "Here's our new intern! He's a bloody genius doing apps! Perfect for that important project that shouldn't be trusted to an intern!!"

*takes intern 9 weeks to do a login view without any real backend*

Turns out the guy couldn't do shit but steal others code and change background color.

Boss: "He wasn't very good..."
Me: "You interview him. How about you bring a developer to the interview next time..."
Boss: "Doesn't matter. The app needs to be done the day after tomorrow, good luck"
Me: "............"

*puts on coffee, cries, programs the app in miserable silence*

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    I could write a bloody book about my boss 😂
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    Instead you write how to interview like that book that is helpful for your boss and like them...
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    9 FUCKING weeks?!? I'm a backender and could probs do that in an hour or so...
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    And I thought my life was bad.
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    Pretty much. There were some miserable attempt at backend for the login though, and "dashboard" once logged in. The dashboard just contained a picture of our boss on a salmon pink background. 😂 The only thing kept from that app was the multilanguage support, which I wrote for him 😂
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    @g-m-f Oh hell no 😂 "Thanks for the 9 weeks, there's the door buddy" 😅
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    @sonywalk Sounds painful but oh well, some stuff needs to be done sometimes...
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    9 weeks for nothing?
    Did you ask the intern about the progess regulary?
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    @falmesino Yes, and tried to give him hints how to procede. For a while. I pretty much had to give up trying eventually. Took too much of my time and he wanted to try himself. We're a pretty small company, time and resources are limited. Unfortunate, since he atleast had a technical interest.
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    @sonywalk write it and repeat when you become the boss. Only that way devRant can continue existing
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    @da9lzqyq ...in Minecraft!
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