What was your worst "OK, I'm getting fired for this" moment

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    My worst was probably that one time when I deployed an emailing module to production and forgot to set some variables in the settings... Two hours later all the client's clients received a happy birthday notification!

    I remember my team manager was pissed as hell because the client started calling our office requiring explanation of the fuck up. I certainly was lucky our CTO found it funny and said it's ok to screw every now and then 😁

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    @Hojasdemanzano see? Would be a pretty cool weekly rant :p
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    When I accidently sent over 2 million emails to a collegue.
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    The many times I've run arbitrary commands whilst forgetting I'm sshd into a production server...
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    Not my rant but I'm sure of it:
    The admin sys who made a typo in his console command and break down github for hours may have thought that. 😂
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    That time when I pushed a new release of an embedded system software in production. After the generation of 3 europallet worth of panels, I realized there was an horrible bug that caused an hanging of the system in a given condition. I compiled my resignation letter and went to the operation manager, asking to withdraw the production for hardware "bonification" (I had solved the big in the meantime).
    Production locked for 4 hours. A bunch of blue collars waiting for the new components to ship.
    That was a really hard afternoon.
    But the manager were pissed , but yet cool with that, they had some older panels stocked and they filled the lines with those while waiting for the bonification.
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    One time we had the company-wide performance reviews 3 weeks after I pushed a screw-up to production...
    Went in as the first reviewee in the morning, expecting to be fired on the spot. The CEO & CTO both expressed their satisfaction with my work, then moved on to my colleagues.
    After all employees were interviewed, they wrote me in Slack - "could you come back for a few minutes?"
    Within 10 seconds, I was fired ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @hawkes Too bad you actually got fired tho
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    I was told to create a highly secure group policy object in Active Directory for a couple of computers that were for public use. I had made a production change for the entire forest earlier that week and popped open my console to start dev on the new GPO. I had thought I opened my new object in the OU I was going to drop the 4 computers into but, no, I was editing a group policy object that was corporate wide. I was taking away buttons, locking down browser settings, and causing all kinds of problems for every user in the company without even realizing it until my IT manager came over wide eyed asking "What are you doing? The entire sales departments computers are useless right now." Oops. Luckily it was easy to reverse but, I thought I was getting canned right there.
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    Really? I received an email like this from a vBulletin system. My first thought was "meh, error" not "oh flibbidy flabbidy doo i must absolutely call up and complain for all the CO2 pollution!"
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    This one time I accidentally deleted the wrong database on gitlab.
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    that one time the app I worked on caused millions Android devices to go into a reboot loop, even after app was removed from the device. this was 2011.
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    Needed to set up an iPhone to test with from factory, borrowed the CTO's sim card from his personal phone, he handed it to me, I looked down and it was gone. I slipped out of the tray and I couldn't find it anywhere. (It slipped into a large white bin of misc electronic s and took the two of us 10 minutes to find). I really thought I was done but he just laughed.
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    Had to deactivate over 30k sim cards from field loggers.
    tought the third party provider had a batch system in place, they didn't.
    So all sim's were deactivated at once.
    Network went down country wide a couple of times the next 2 days to catch up.

    Didn't get blamed in the end, third party provider disappeared the next week though
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    sudo rm -Rf /
    Oh fuck me!
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    I made an HTML5 game. It was running perfectly in the browser. However, later I found out that it was meant to be deployed and played in a mobile webview. As I expected, the performance dropped significantly. Thus, I started to think that I might be fired for this.
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    I forgot recaptcha back end verification.. 150 spam mails in 2 minutes after website deployment.
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    @nerd-san I thought it was a legend !
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    $ root: chmod -Rf 0777 /*

    In hopes of changing current directory
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    You had the right idea :) It's the weekly rant this week! Was considering reposting my answer. You guys wouldn't tell on me would you?
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