What one piece of advice would you give to a developer starting their career?

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    It's ok to ask questions and be wrong.
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    You're going to write a lot of bad code... I mean A LOT! You will get called out on it.

    That's all totally ok. It doesn't mean you suck, it doesn't mean you should go do something else, it's simply a chance to learn and get better. Keep learning. Keep getting better. Don't take this shit personally.
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    @ejwill Shhh... save it for when it's the weekly rant!! 😜
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    1. Git is a lifesaver unless someone fucks up the whole repo and make sure that someone is not you.
    2. Learn as much as you can
    3. Don't be scared to try new things
    4. It's okay if you write shitty code everyone does it
    5. Don't loose motivation when you can can't find solution on Stackoverflow.
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    Keep learning, don't stop
    And practice with real projects
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    Don't try too much at once. Make small changes.
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    Stop! Go open a hotdog stand!
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    Keep your eyes on the horizon
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    1. Cookies are for closers. Don't start 50 things and finishing nothing. Start one thing and finish it.
    2. The day you stop learning is the day you become obsolete.
    3. You can't become a better programmer without challenging yourself.
    4. Accept that you will get some things wrong on the first try. See #1. Iterate on version one.
    5. Don't be selfish, help others.
    6. Don't suffer from NIH complex.
    7. Counter point to #6. Sometimes legacy code has to go.
    8. The best code is the one you don't have to write.
    9. No job is perfect. Before you throw away the current one, for greener pastures think carefully.
    10. Recruiters suck. Work on building your network. This depends on your reputation with other developers.
    11. #10 depends on you pushing out quality work.
    12. Be skeptical and approach things scientifically.
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    Fly, you fools!
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    You'll likely get scared by all the jargon used to describe things if you are new. Trust me, everything is simple if you try to understand it. We love using overly complicated words and sentences to make everything sound cool and difficult but most things are logically very simple.
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    Trust anyone, not Javascript.
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    Health is important. Take care of your back and eyes.
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